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At Cachet, we're committed to building and maintaining a robust, open-source status page system that empowers organizations to communicate effectively during service disruptions. As we continue to develop Cachet, we rely on the support of generous sponsors like you to fuel our mission.

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By sponsoring Cachet, you're not just supporting an open-source project; you're investing in the future of transparent communication. Your sponsorship helps us cover the costs of development, maintenance, and infrastructure, ensuring that Cachet remains a reliable and indispensable tool for organizations worldwide.

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  • Visibility: Showcase your brand to a global community of developers, sysadmins, and business owners who rely on Cachet for transparent communication.
  • Impact: Your sponsorship directly contributes to the ongoing development and improvement of Cachet, enabling us to deliver new features, enhancements, and support to our users.
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